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Title: "Memoria para armar" / Genre: Creative Documentary / Runtime: 80 minutes / Location: Uruguay / Format: HDV / Exhibition: Cinemas and TV / Filmmaker-producer: Luis González Zaffaroni / Production: Margarita Brum/ Production company in Uruguay: Lampo Films / Support: Ibermedia development fund.

In the year 2000 a group of former political prisoners opened a call to all Uruguayan women to write about what they felt and experienced during the dictatorship. This unprecedented call was heeded by more than 400 writings. These texts were written mostly by women who are not professional writers. The texts tell the daily anecdotes that allow us to visualize what everyday life was like under a dictatorship. I started to draft this documentary film project from the basis of these written testimonies and my own personal relationship with some of the authors.

"Piecing Memories Together" integrates the aesthetic, the historic, and the personal dimensions, inviting us to discover the Uruguayan dictatorship through an intimate approach.

1975, Montevideo, Uruguay.
Master degree in Documentary of Creation at Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona (2006-07) // Degree in "Direction" awarded by the Uruguayan School of Cinema (1995-99) // Works as freelance director and editor (1999-2005) // Selected for the Script Lab of Carolina Foundation in Madrid, Spain (2007) // His shorts and medium-length films have participated in several international film festivals.

- Supported by Ibermedia development fund (2007)

- Selected for the Doc Station, Berlinale Talent-campus, Berlin, Germany (2008)

- First Prize for documentary project. Production workshop at ATLANTIDOC, mentor: Lita Stantic (producer, Argentina), Uruguay (2007)

- Selected for the DOCBsAs, Cine Ojo, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2007)

- Selected for the first Iberoamerican Talent Meeting, Iber-Talent, FIA, FVIU, Cinema Jove, Valencia, Spain (2007).

- Finalist at the first edition of DOCTV Iberoamerica, INA, MEC (2006)

- Declared of Interest by the Ministry of Culture, Uruguay, INA, MEC (2006)

- Supported by several NGOs working for human rights: Mothers and relatives of Missing Detained, SERPAJ (Service of Peace and Justice), Amnesty Uruguay, Workshop of Gender and Memory of former prisoners of conscience.