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Piecing Memories Together is this production company's foundational project. Through the process of development of this film, we have been able to explore new markets, establishing connections with production companies from different countries, and participating in many international events in connection with documentary film. In doing this, we have been able to deepen our thinking about the creative process and audiovisual production. During the project development, which has taken over two years, has meant an enormous amount of learning.

We have been privileged to meet people inside the country as well as abroad who have believed in this project and have supported and trusted us. Relying on their trust and support, we have decided to open up this new form of participation through donations.

This path is an alternative to complete the funding of our project.

But it is also a way to include those who would like to become involved in our project.

Donations can be done by individuals, institutions, or in an anonymous way if the donor so wishes.

Donations can be done through the secure Pay-Pal payment system, which offers both security and the possibility to discount taxes in the case of American donations.

As a form of symbolic retribution we will offer our donors to have their names included in the final credits of the film. At that time, the film production will forward invitations to the pre-release screening that will take place in Montevideo before its commercial opening in movie theatres.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or to request more information at the following e-mail address: donations@lampofilms.com

As we undertake the commitment and responsibility for this project we remain thankful to you for your interest and participation.

At this time we are working on the script re-drafting and the project's financial development and funding. The shooting is planned in principle for 2009, and the film screening in commercial movie theatres for 2010.